Pantomime is a library for the Rust programming language that empowers you to build concurrent, stateful, and stream-oriented programs with ease.

  • Event Driven
    Powered by an Actor-based concurrency model.
  • Stream Oriented
    Provides an expressive and fair streaming implementation built on a dynamic push-pull model.
  • Performant
    100M msgs/sec on a single node with linear scalability.
  • Lightweight
    Applications consume as little as 1MB RSS.
  • Adaptable
    Multiple built-in schedulers allow you to tune program execution to the target hardware.
use pantomime::prelude::*;

enum Msg {

struct MyActor;

impl Actor<Msg> for MyActor {
  fn receive(&mut self, msg: Msg, ctx: &mut ActorCtx) {
    match msg {
      Greet(name) => println!("Hello {}!", name)